If this was excessive, so be it; it was also very sweet and encouraging. The Bishop and my whole immediate family spoke, of course, and Uncle Grant Seely and Bruce Ellis offered the prayers. Our friends the Dyals were heavily involved in the musical end of things (I sang in both the quartet and the chorus).

I was particularly grateful that former San Bernardino Stake President Levern M (“Uncle Vern”) Hansen and his dear Elsie came from their home in Huntington Beach to speak and sing at my farewell. Pappy had served as his counselor, some years earlier (with Woodrow Miller, another speaker), and then they had moved away.

Yes, this was a a long meeting: an hour and 31 minutes, even though Mammy spoke for only the Sunday-school-sanctified 2½ minutes. A decade before the current three-hour meeting pattern came along, no other meeting was scheduled at the end of this one, and so if we ran over, we ran over.
1I’ve recently (2010) come across and digitized1 the recording (1/4-inch magnetic audio tape) that the folks made. Something went wrong with the recording, about 49 minutes in; so, much of it’s hidden behind hum and distortion. Including, alas, Mammy’s brief talk. But what a joy to hear Woodrow, once again, address a congregation as “My Good People!” (click here to hear him). You’re welcome to hear it or to have it; you’ll have to ask, though: audio files, even MP3s, are big. At 88 MB, this one would swamp this little hyper-archive. I keep it at Archive>Content>Audio>MT
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