Newlyweds, July and August, 1964
Old family friend Laura K Mitchell (a Valley College colleague of Pappy’s and a fellow former First Ward member) was traveling and graciously let us live in her home, that summer, as a wedding present. A delightful lady: wish I had a better photo of her. Cropped this candid from a shot of a Relief Society leadership meeting in our living room; you may recognize the fireplace.

I’d show you a picture of Laura K’s house (our “honeymoon cottage”), but we didn’t take one then, and it no longer stands. A freeway interchange replaced it, shortly after our brief time there.
One more Slover Mountain sidebar, by your indulgence: Mr Hanna once pointed out the quicklime operation: as I recall, it consisted of one or maybe two small, cylindrical raw mills (miniature versions of the dozen or so giant ones in the main area) and one small sintering kiln. He told me that a truck came twice a week to take away the product (endless trains, on the other hand, collected the various cement products from monstrous silos, a couple of hundred yards away). He said, if memory serves, that the profit from the quicklime operation paid the entire operating expense of the big cement plant, including all our salaries and wages. Maybe, for all I know, even the barbecues. The revenue from cement was pure profit. Ever feel like you’re in the wrong business?
Valerie’s sisters Crystal and Karen (not her best likeness…) at left, and my brother Brent at right, among those who came to the Santa Fe station in San Bernardino to see us off.
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