Indoors: the Living Room

Most of our surviving pictures of this home show the places where we did most of our living: the living room, our smallish but heavily-used yard, or the kitchen/dinette area.

After the big remodelling, the L-shaped living room sported a lovely fireplace in its southwest corner. As you’ll discern from certain telltale discolorations, we used it rather more often than the climate really justified, more for atmosphere and fellowship than anything more practical. By the way, the grate visible behind the screen was named Alexander.1 And the blue-dyed lambskin, a memento of our one family automobilistic venture into eastern Canada in 1957, was Edgar Allan Peau2.

The raised hearth became a principal stage for photographic records of family events and distinguished visitors…

1Alexander the Grate, get it?
2“Skin,” in French.

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