The Folks’ Mission, 1967-68
For the purposes of this account (this is supposed to be my story, and I wasn’t there, yet), we skip lightly over the year Mammy and Pappy enjoyed in and out of Paris. They directed the work of about 250 missionaries and had ecclesiastical responsibility for all the branches and districts in France, Spain, Portugal, the Azores, and Northern Africa.

Here they stand with flowers, and here they sit with the flower of “Mormon” youth. Pappy annotates this slide as “Xmas dinner—Branch,” but the site is the Mission Home dining room, and those are some of their missionaries. I don’t see any of the local members. Can anybody help?
They got to my old stomping-grounds in Rennes, fairly promptly, and sent a couple of evocative cards:
Dated shortly before we came to Paris for our final family Christmas—indeed, the final reunion of our San Bernardino nuclear family—the folks’ 1967 Christmas letter back home bears Mammy’s handwriting:
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