Press Notices
Another similarly-flattering bit, also from our local newspaper.

Nice of them to credit me with being “Just for Girls.”

Yes, yes, that’s my feeble attempt to be funny: the tag under the cartoon actually belongs to an item that appeared lower on the page. So I’m spared having to speculate whether they were confirming my undoubted heterosexuality. Undoubted by me, despite well-documented general timidity with respect to the opposite sex.

On the next page…

(no room for text, there) a big clipping from the front page of the 10 December 1957 number of Hi Tide, Pacific’s student-run weekly newspaper. Three little PhotoShop blisters highlight my three mentions.

Yes, it was a heady time. Maybe that’s what Mammy meant when she’d say she saw it as part of her assignment to keep my swollen head within manageable bounds…
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