1999—The Permanent Contagion:
Family History
Mammy It actually started many years earlier: Mammy set a noble example of diligence and skill as she pursued knowledge of the story of our family. I watched, without much curiosity, as she researched her pedigree lines, hand-wrote or typed them laboriously (with carbon paper) onto pedigree charts and family group sheets, and mailed them off to the Genealogical Society of Utah, waited interminably, and then resisted the temptation to bad language when they returned defaced with picky red markings that would send her back to the drawing board.
As I returned from my first mission in 1964, she made sure to send me on an errand to St Stephen’s Church, Coleman Street, London, where Robert and Mary Seely were married in 1629. Back in Boston, she urged me to find out about the part the Seelys had played in the 17th-century settlement of neighboring Watertown. And I did dabble, dutifully, with some success but no sustained commitment.
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