Appendix: Bordeaux
The Farels were particularly good friends, as were the Salarniers, shown here between Valerie1 and Elder Wood. Pappy captured us as their guests at dinner, flanked by his two assistants: Mitt Romney at left, with his companion Bill Ryan at right. In his account of the dreadful, confused time after the accident, Pappy made a point of expressing appreciation to André Salarnier for his beyond-the-call kindness and helpfulness.
(Continued…) Dubern greeted us at the top of the stairs and escorted us to our table, where the Duberns’ grown children prepared various regional delicacies at table-side. We got there at least twice and managed to sample such délices as cèpes sautés de Provence and entrecôte bordelaise (flank steak, broiled before our eyes over a fire of thyme twigs and served smothered in chopped shallots).

As we never wearied of commenting to each other, everything was elegant; nothing was pretentious; and the Duberns made us feel like guests for Sunday dinner, not like customers.

1My sweetheart seems to have contracted a case of my sleepy-eye contagion…
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