Christmas 1966
Despite the seasonable weather (which he loathed), Pappy and Mammy flew in to spend that first Belmont Christmas with us. They’d heard our stories from earlier New England years, but this was our first opportunity to host their tourism in this most tourable of places.

I have to believe, by the way, that Mammy was only vaguely aware1 of her own treasures of family history hereabouts. Decades would pass, alas, before I’d awaken to the depth of our New England roots.
1Had she known, she would surely have wanted to see, for example, the Watertown Founders’ monument (1630), bearing the name of Robert Seely: she believed then, as we’ve since disproved, that Robert was her sixth great-grandfather. He’s still very interesting kin, but we haven’t been able to find out exactly how we connect.
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