Member and Missionary Conferences
Bordeaux District Conference, before our arrival: Mammy speaking;
Pappy and the District Presidency on the front row;
Winston and visiting Mission leaders (Chollet, Defaye at right) behind
Thought I had a shot of Valerie in the pulpit, but must have been thinking of this one.
I forget how many administrative Districts the French members had, by this time. My beloved District du Mans was still in business in the West, with old friend Jules Roux of Tours as its President. There was also a district in Bordeaux, presided over by Bertin Farel, and, of course, the central one in Paris; I’ll remember their president’s name, one of these days. Everything in France had to be centered in Paris.
Bordeaux District Presidency: ?, Vanizette, Farel, Gemgembre
I was delighted to find the member organization firmly in the hands of the local members; transient missionaries, however devoted and diligent, can only fill in until the locals are ready. Back de mon vivant, that transition, mission-wide, was still in process and one of our principal objectives. In 1962, I had served as District Clerk to Pierre Desquines, the first local president of the Le Mans District.
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