Member and Missionary Conferences
Both Valerie and I would accompany Pappy to District and Zone conferences, where we would deliver what the French call discours, sometimes with assigned topics. The program I reproduced earlier, by way of displaying Valerie’s public ministry to the membership, also illustrates how her topic was intended to fit with the others.
Apart from my duties in the Mission Home, Pappy assigned me to work mainly with the local member leadership. I’d arrived, you see, full of the latest administrative ideas and some experimental approaches from Salt Lake. The Brethren called it (somewhat gratingly to a statistician) the “Correlation Program,” and with a General Authority as our mission president in Cambridge, we had recently been treated to some early versions of what would soon become the standard operating rules throughout the Church.

These developments were new to Pappy, and when I unfolded them to his view, he decided that some of the organizations under his ecclesiastical direction were ready to move in some of the new directions. Accordingly, his assistant Elder Dane McBride and I took part as a team in the leadership sessions of a cycle of district conferences, preaching and coaching “correlation” to groups of branch and district leaders.
Elders McBride, Crosby, and Winston of the Mission Staff
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