At the Airport
Pappy left a number of images of the year he and Mammy shared in France. Our amazing Christmas together already has its place in this collection.

Meanwhile, in her journal, Mammy wrote her own account of that wonderful missionary year and its preparations, back in Utah and California, as much as a year earlier. As I write this (July, 2011), our Cyndi is managing the transcription of the journal into editable text. When she has completed that task, I’ll do my best to illustrate it with relevant parts of Pappy’s photo collection. If I survive and succeed, we’ll have a new Section, perhaps to be named “LSA Journal,” or something of the sort.
This happy airport shot wasn’t really the beginning. As Mammy reports, it all started with a phone call from Hugh B Brown, a whole year earlier, on Independence Day, 1966. That event generated only word-pictures; so, for present purposes, we jump forward to their arrival in Paris, July 7, 1967.
I’ll confer with Brent about sharing out the pictures between the journal section and the Gedenkschrift he’s spearheading for the occasion of Pappy’s centenary, year after next.1 I see his as a companion piece to Mammy’s Gedenkschrift, from a year ago, but I don’t want to shackle my darling baby brother’s creativity.

I’ll try to put the earlier photos where they belong, as illustrations of Mammy’s journal. Most of the later ones belong fairly clearly to our subsequent time in the Mission. Where I can’t tell or don’t remember, they may get misplaced or duplicated. Please be patient with my fallibilities.

1I’m writing this in the summer of 2011—on our 47th anniversary, in fact.
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