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Diary Back in 1998, Valerie and I had been among many Cambridge LDS pioneers interviewed by Clayton Christensen’s team in their preparation for a history of the Church in New England, later published as For All the Saints, and Clayton had offered to Murphy’s department the records they had accumulated in the process.

Subsequently, I dined with John in Provo and visited his impressive facility. My papers, it seems, will be stored between those of Hyrum Smith and Hugh Nibley!
Then John and his people came to Chankly and collected piles of letters and other memorabilia, including most notably Mammy’s mission journal.
The scanned images of the journal pages are embedded here in PDF form:
The folder named “100914 BYU Special Collections” that resides at
100914 BYU Special Collections
…contains the letters I’ve reproduced on the previous two pages, together with all the associated correspondence, as well as the transcripts of our interviews for the For All the Saints book.
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