Second Mission to France, 1968-69
So, we four showed up at 3, rue de Lota, to support our convalescent Pappy. Who did succeed in reassuring the Pau folks, and who was wondrously effective in those last months of his truncated mission.

I’ve often opined that those dear French people would have followed Pappy over a cliff: they harbored no doubt at all about his loving commitment to them and to the Gospel. Here's the official 1968 Mission Presidency Christmas Card photo. Pappy and I flank Valerie. Wish you could have known his counselors, Ernest Defaye (left, an old friend from earlier days in Le Mans) and Robert Chollet (right, of Paris). Marvelous yokefellows.
While we were with Pappy, I didn’t keep a journal, and our photographic efforts didn’t really capture many of the centralities. Until Pappy’s wrist healed, he didn’t take a lot of photos, and the images that have survived tend to display his cute grandsons and some of the missionaries in atypically-frolicsome situations. Without neglecting those, I’m anxious to capture what we were really there for: we’d have made cute kid pictures in Belmont, or wherever. So I have to write a lot of this section from a crumbling memory, after a gap of nearly half a century, with all that implies for accuracy and for my tendencies to wander and maunder. Sidebar shading will set off the most retrospective bits, if I behave myself.
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