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A handsome family, wouldn’t you agree? Grandma Alfaretta Neff (“Alfie”) and Grandpa Arta McLean Seely (“Artie,” or “Art”) married May 3, 1899, in the Salt Lake Temple.

In 1936, Grandpa wrote a two-page autobiography for the High Council of the Box Elder Stake, of which he was a member until his death 17 May 1945. I have it by the courtesy of my cousin Larry Richman, who has published it in his website

Separately, these portraits have been represented as wedding pictures; unless this image is some sort of artful pre-Photoshop composite, though, the presence of young Uncle Elwyn (born 1900) would suggest that they were taken just a bit later. As we understand it,
  • Arta Elwyn (7 March 1900 - 16 January 1966) was the first child of Arta and Alfaretta and the first to be born in the Oakwood Street house.
  • Francis Leland (“Jim”—2 June 1903 - 21 June 1981) came next, then
  • Verna May (24 August 1906 - 6 July 1999).
  • Our Leola was the fourth and the last one born here, with
  • caboose brother Grant McLain (29 June 1914 - 29 December 1982) coming along after they moved to Rosette.
Collectively, the five kids referred to themselves with some glee as “the mad Seelys.”

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