Elwyn & Pansy

Arta Elwyn Seely & Pansy Uarda Barker
Ardus Eyvonne Seely
Dwayne Elwyn (Bud) Seely
J Rodman (Rod) Seely
Adele Seely
Sharyn Seely
Jacki LaDea Seely
Michael Shann Seely
Five Mad Seelys
Grave Gravestone
In front of Brigham City homestead
…and Spouses
Mad Seelys and Spouses
Mad Seelys—Final Assemblies
The Seely Family, Christmas 1941
Buried near Grandpa and Grandma, in Brigham City
The Seely Family, circa 1901
The Seely Family, circa 1940
Among Seelys, Christmas 1941
Elwyn obituary
Baby Elwyn with parents, circa 1900
Five Mad Seelys
The Brigham City Homestead
Seely Christmas 1941
Mammy reading to Sharyn and Carter kids
The Mad Seelys — Final Assemblies
Elwyn, Sharyn, Grace
Christmas 1941 (all but Michael)
Verna, Arta, Alfaretta, F Leland, Grant,
Leola; Inset: Elwyn (about 1919)

Arta, Elwyn, F Leland, Alfaretta, Grace,
Verna, Pansy, Grant with little Ardus and
Dwayne (about 1928)
Seely Kin

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