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…and here are “Artie” and “Alfie”, toward the end of their lives, with their five adult children. Left to right, standing: Francis Leland “Jim” Seely, Arta McLean Seely, Grant McLean Seely, Alfaretta Neff Seely, Arta Elwyn Seely; down in front: Leola Seely (my Mammy), Verna May Seely. By this time, the five “Mad Seelys” would be married, except perhaps for Grant, the youngest and tallest. Possibly the maddest. They posed the group in front of the parents’ homestead in Brigham City, Utah.

My Pappy (H Duane Anderson) may perhaps have taken the picture: he and Mammy were both working as photographers and writers for the Salt Lake Tribune, in those days.

By the way, you may have noticed that Grandpa’s middle name, McLean, gets several different spellings in these pages. Through the generations, it has appeared also as MacLean, McClain, McLain, and probably with other orthographies. I’ve given up on consistency. Some day I’ll ask him which he prefers…

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