Jim & Grace

Francis Leland (Jim) Seely
& Grace Emily Thompson
Kathryn Joyce Seely and Lynn Richman
Glen McLain Seely and Nita
John Leland (Lee) Seely and Muriel
Gwendolyn Seely and Kenneth Goates
Karen Seely and Daryl Galloway
James Edward Seely and Ellie
Richard Kent Seely and Mary

Lee, Karen, Jim, Grace, Kent, Jim, Glen, Gwen, Joyce

Jim, Grace, and baby (Lee, perhaps?)

Elwyn, Sharyn, Grace

Jim and Grace

Grace, Jim, Verna, Ken

F Leland at the motel


Jimmy 1967

(Jimmy’s caption:)This is a picture of me as a baby and was taken in 1942. My mother Grace is holding me. She is front row, 2nd from the right. Lee is first row, right end and Gwen is 1st row, 3rd from the right. My dad is on the back row, 2nd from right and is holding Karen, who would have been only a year old (Hazel’s age). Joyce is 2nd row, 1st on left. Kent has yet to make the scene.
Verna, Arta, Alfaretta, F Leland, Grant, Leola; Inset: Elwyn (about 1919)
Arta, Elwyn, F Leland, Alfaretta, Grace,
Verna, Pansy, Grant with little Ardus and
Dwayne (about 1928)

Maurice, Ken, Duane, Leola, Grace, Jim,
Verna, Margo, Grant

“Jim”—(2 June 1903 - 21 June 1981)
Seelys in 1939
Seely family, Christmas 1941
Buried near Grandpa and Grandma, in Brigham City
Five Mad Seelys
The Brigham City Homestead
Seely Christmas 1941
…and Spouses
Christmas at Elwyn’s, or maybe Jim’s.
On Osage Drive in San Diego, in the 1960s.
Last gatherings
Verna, Arta, Alfaretta, F Leland, Grant,
Leola; Inset: Elwyn (about 1919)

Pansy, Leola, Grace,
Verna, Grant, Elwyn, F Leland, Kenneth,
Arta holding Joyce, Alfaretta holding Glen,
Ardus, Rodman, Dwayne (about 1928)

Seeing somebody off
Mad Seelys and Spouses
The Seely Family, circa 1940
The Seely Family, Christmas 1941
Among Seelys, Christmas 1941
Christmas 1941 (all but Jim(my) and Kent)
At Verna’s burial
At airport, 1967
Grace obituary
Jim obituary
Jim, Jimmy, Grace, Kent, in 1959
Family session in the Bountiful Temple
Rhymers (Ken & Gwen) at Leola’s centenary, 2010
I have many of these photos, in particular the thumbnails at the top, with thanks by courtesy of Joyce’s son Larry Richman, who has assembled the definitive collection of photos of Jim’s and Grace’s family as one section of his richmanfamily.org website, with an “Index of Names in the Seely Family Line” at http://richmanfamily.org/seely-2/. It’s a vast and precious assemblage, and I’m profoundly grateful to Larry for putting it together and sharing it with us.
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