Kin: The Anderson Side

Great Grandparent
  Sophia Jensena Mogensen Poulsen

   Francis Emanuel & Anna Eloese Poulsen Anderson

    Pappy’s siblings::
    Milton Clair Anderson
    Ruth Eloese Anderson Dunaway

Kin: The Seely Side

  Arta McLean and Alfaretta Neff Seely

  Mammy’s siblings:
   Arta Elwyn Seely
   Francis Leland Seely
   Verna May Seely Carter
   Grant McLain Seely

Kin: Brent’s Family Thicket

         Brent & Janet                   Brent & Mimi

In-Laws: Valerie’s Family


The One True Ward


Church leaders

French Missionaries

Friends in and around France

Friends, Neighbors and Colleagues
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