Kin: The Seely Side
As on the Anderson side, I’ve been blessed by association with Mammy’s more-numerous Seely relatives; here’s how the ones I’ve mentioned thus far fit together. This table may yet grow, particularly to include younger family members, as I try to capture the flavor of more recent interactions.1 Until then, it aims to reflect my own acquaintanceship and the content of this growing document.

For a fuller (but still evolving) account of my blood kin, please check out the public Family Tree I’ve assembled on; it’s listed there as “CoMMensa.” Even though they call it public, you may need my permission as owner of the Tree to see anything useful on living people. I’ll be happy to invite you in, when you send an e-mail request.
1I continue to give the earlier aspects priority, both by chronological default and because their memories are winking out more alarmingly. If not more inexorably.
Aunt Grace Seely (1902-1980)

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