Kin: The Seely Side
Arta McLean Seely & Alfaretta Neff Seely

Seely/Neff Wedding
After their marriage in 1899, Arta McLean Seely built the home that now stands at 3408 Oakwood Street, on the East Mill Creek property Alfaretta Neff had inherited from her father, Franklin Neff, the East Mill Creek miller. Four of their five children were born there, including my Mammy. Grant, their youngest, was born after the family moved to a ranch in Rosette. Later, they removed to Brigham City, where “Artie” and “Alfie” remained the rest of their days.
Missionary in Alabama
With Baby Elwyn
With Five Mad Seelys
Glass Slipper
The Brigham City Homestead
Seely Christmas 1941
Wedding presents
2004—Betty & The Birthplace
Parents & The Seely Family, Christmas 1941
Parents & grandparents by the fire in Price
“Artie” & “Alfie”
Seelys in 1939
Christmas 1941
Christmas, 1941: Top half, left to right: Duane, Glenn, Grant, Rodman, Dwayne (Bud), Ardus, Pansy,
Alfa Jean, Joyce, Karen (baby), Ken, Grace, Margaret, Richard, Leola, F. Leland (Jim), Elwyn;
Bottom half: Grandpa (A. M. Seely), Doyle (on his lap), Leland, Sharyn, Gwen,
Grandma (Alfaretta Neff Seely), Jackie (on her lap), Adele, Ken Jr., John, Verna.
…with descendants

Alfaretta and Arta

…with Dwayne and Ardus

Arta, Elwyn, F Leland, Alfaretta, Grace, Verna, Pansy, Grant
with little Ardus and Dwayne (about 1926)

Verna, Arta, Alfaretta, F Leland, Grant, Leola; Inset: Elwyn (about 1919)

Pansy, Leola, Grace, Verna, Grant, Elwyn, F Leland, Kenneth
Arta holding Joyce, Alfaretta holding Glen
Ardus, Rodman, Dwayne (about 1928)
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