Verna & Ken

Kenneth Goodliffe Carter
& Verna May Seely
Alfa Jean Carter & Bryan Kent Carter
Kenneth Goodliffe (K.G.) Carter, Jr.

Here are the four Carters in the mid-1940s: K.G. stands front and center, flanked by our cousins John McLain (“Clain” then, John now, at left) Seely and Doyle Seely.

Behind, left to right: Alfa Jean; Uncle Grant McLain Seely (Mammy’s sole younger brother, father of Doyle and Johnny, and the tallest and funniest of the five “Mad Seelys;” Ken; and Verna.

I’m guessing Aunt Margaret Pack Seely, the only one missing out of the two families, took the picture.

Alfa Jean, Cynthia, Kent, Carla Jean, Verna, Kathleen, Ken, Ken Jr
Ken and Verna with their descendants, on a visit circa 1956: Cindy (later Green) was born in late 1954. Not sure who was visiting whom where; doesn’t look like Park Valley.
About the same time (1956 or so), we came visiting from San Bernardino. Yes, this is the ranch in Park Valley.

Can’t say I recall who actually bagged this beastie (except that it wasn’t I; probably Pappy). But I did pump a round into the corpse (so’s I could say I’d shot a coyote) and then took part in this dude-ranch photo-shoot. Retained the tail in Berdoo until it got wormy. Called it “President Tailer.” Yes, pretty embarrassing.

Brent, Pappy, defunct coyote, fearsome self

Me, Verna, Ken
I look older here—maybe 1957. Guessing it’s at Elwyn’s place in Brigham City, with Christmas decorations. Not clear what, if anything, my sophomore semaphore signified.
Almost a decade later (1966), and in many ways a whole world later, on our way to Boston and Harvard, Valerie and Rick and I, traveling in company with Pappy and Mammy, stopped at the Crow Reservation in South Dakota to visit Verna and Ken who were serving as missionaries there. They arranged for us to be guests of the Crow Nation at a real pow-wow.
And then in 1976, eleven-year-old Rick and I stopped to see them on a business trip, soon after they retired to Logan, Cache County, Utah. Rebecca (then “Becky,” not yet “Muffin”) was brand-new that summer, which may explain Valerie’s absence.

Rick was into “The Fonz,” in those days; one would have to look fast to catch him without at least one thumb up.
Alfa Jean, Cynthia, Kent, Carla Jean, Verna,
Kathleen, Ken, Ken Jr

Verna May (24 August 1906 - 6 July 1999)
Verna, Leola, Grant
Verna, Leola, Grant (again)
Leola and Verna
Verna’s tribute to Leola
The Brigham City Homestead
Seely Christmas 1941
Five Mad Seelys
…and Spouses
…and Spouses, again
In San Bernardino
On the Crow reservation
Final gatherings
Crow reservation
Rick and I visit Carters, 1976
With Grace and Jim
Brent, Grant, Margo, Doyle, Mammy, Verna,
Pappy, Ken

Among Seelys, Christmas 1941
Wrote of Leola’s association with Boyd Packer
Co-authored with Leola
Preserved crash clippings
Carters and Seelys
K.G. behind me on Sailor
Verna, Mammy, Margo
Alfa Jean married Bryan
Mammy to Verna 1948
Mammy to Verna 1951
Mammy to Verna 1956
Mammy to K.G. 1960
Missionaries to Crow Nation
At Salt Lake Airport
Ken obituary
Verna obituary
Verna burial
Me, Verna, Ken
Verna with Seelys, 1919
Verna with Seelys, 1928
Ken with Seelys, 1928
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