Our Park Valley Carters
My cousin K.G. (Kenneth Goodliffe Carter, Jr) sits “Sailor”’s saddle more easily than I, at the Carter ranch at Park Valley, Utah1. He’s also kinda squunched down, so that you can’t really tell he’s my senior by a couple of years. Park Valley lies north of the Great Salt Lake, ninety miles (largely on dirt roads, in those days) northwest of Brigham City, but still in Box Elder County. The Idaho line is on the other side of the mountain range to the north.

At the ranch lived Mammy’s older sister, my Aunt Verna May Seely Carter, with Uncle Kenneth Goodliffe Carter and their two children, Alfa Jean Carter and K.G.
1My Mammy, Leola Seely, was the fourth of the Five Mad Seelys and the last to be born in East Mill Creek. Between her birth in 1910 (we celebrated her centenary in 2010) and that of Uncle Grant McLean Seely in 1914, Grandpa A. M. Seely and Grandma Alfaretta Neff Seely moved their growing family to Rosette, five miles west of Park Valley. Mammy went to high school in Brigham City; by the Thirties, Seely headquarters had moved there, leaving only the Carters to represent our family in the Park Valley/Rosette area.
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