Brigham City 5 November 2001
2130 Brigham City Cemetery 2122 AMSeely & Alfaretta 2123 AM Seely
1-Brigham City Cemetery 2-AMSeely and Alfaretta 3-Arta McLean Seely
2124 Alfaretta Neff Seely 2125 Elwyn & Pansy 2127 Elwyn's kids
4-Alfaretta Neff 5-Elwyn and Pansy 6-Elwyn’s kids
2121 Jim & Grace 2126 Ken & Verna 2128 Verna's kids
7-Jim and Grace 8-Ken and Verna Carter 9-Verna’s kids
Ben 2131 Brigham City Cemetery
10-Ben Bowring 11-Brigham City Cemetery
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Brigham City
Updated Mar 2014
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