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Back around the Turn of the Millennium, as the notion of this collection gestated, we visited Utah and stopped at the Brigham City Cemetery, resting-place of most of the last couple of generations of my Seely ancestors. Our nice, new digital camera took satisfactory gravestone pictures at no incremental cost-per-image (a welcome novelty to which we hadn’t yet become accustomed), but sharing the results posed problems we hadn’t faced in the days of prints and slides. You could write on a slide or on the back of a print, but I couldn’t figure out how to caption, comment, and collect digital image files.

One piece of software (can’t remember which—perhaps an early “Adobe Elements”—included a rudimentary “Slideshow” routine, and so I collected these cemetery pictures into one such, captioned them crudely, named the whole thing “Brigham City Cemetery,” and offered the resulting elementary HTML archive to fellow computer owners, in lieu of a photo-album segment.

Later, clever son-in-law Tony Olsen would introduce me to some basics of HTML programming, and “Our Stories” (since evolved to “I Blame Hepzibah”) would begin to come to pass. In 2013-14, I worked through all the accumulated “Sections” (including the original Brigham City slideshow) reformatted them with some consistency, and ran off a complete ink-jet printed copy, in the hope of preserving the material from predictable consequences of evolution in software and hardware.

H O M E W O R K : Another clever descendant may some day see fit to expand this little slideshow into what the FindAGrave people call a “virtual cemetery, ” chasing down the sepultures of the other descendants of Artie and Alfie Seely and incorporating snapshots of our cousins and of their gravestones.
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