More Brigitte
Here’s Brigitte, the back half of her at least, parked in front of our student apartment at 60-C Escondido Village, at Stanford, where we resided from June 1965 to June 1966, and where Rick was born. Note by this time the MIT and Stanford stickers in the rear window.

Below, yet later, we find her in the tiny back-yard parking lot at 49 Sycamore Street, Belmont, Massachusetts, where we lived from August 1966 to December 1970, with
time off for a bit more than half a year in Paris with Pappy.

Some time before the French episode, a truck backed over Brigitte, causing enough damage to justify a new paint job. Candy-apple red, of course. Still looking for a photo of Brigitte in scarlet mode, but we had to sell her when we went to France in 1968.
Rick isn’t quite sure about the snowball.
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