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Our* great-great-great-grandmother Harriet Page Wheeler Decker Young, a sturdy child of New Hampshire, a Plantagenet descendant, and close kin to the heroes of Lexington Green, though she seems not to have known it.

At the mythic moment depicted on the monument, Harriet was the senior wife of Brigham Young’s younger brother Lorenzo Dow Young and mother (by her first husband, our great-great-great-grandfather Isaac Decker) of Brigham’s first and third wives in plural marriage (his third and fifth overall).

She was thus Brigham’s sister-in-law and twice his mother-in-law. Think about it. Just imagine the interpersonals at Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s the portrait of Harriet that they used to show in the Visitors’ Center. And here, a younger-looking Harriet.
*That is to say, mine. If you’re my kin, you’re hers. I’m Richard Bryan Anderson, son of H. Duane Anderson and Leola Seely.

Our blood relatives on the Monument:
Harriet Page Wheeler Decker Young
Clarissa Decker Young
Isaac Perry Decker
And three men who married our kin:
Brigham Young
Lorenzo Dow Young
Orrin Porter Rockwell

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