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“He that loveth father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me…” [Matthew 10:37]

Utah history, mingled with “Mormon”-culture hero-worship and folklore, has disseminated a grossly inaccurate account of Harriet Page Wheeler Decker Young’s family story. I’ve taken it upon myself to investigate surviving evidences and, insofar as possible, to document the real story.

The historians and folklorists of this region care about my great-great-grandma Harriet because she was standing near her brother-in-law Brigham Young as he said what has come down to us as “This Is The Place!” In her lifetime and since, they have celebrated her as The First White Woman to come to settle in the Great Basin.

I’ve written up most of our recent unearthings in the Section named “OliverAndHannah.’ If you can, please follow the link, particularly to the Salem segment of the story.

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