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Place-1 This Is the Place Heritage Park
Place-2 Page Index
Place-3 The Monument
Place-4 Our Kin on the Monument
Place-5     Our Kin on the Monument
Place-6 Harriet Page Wheeler Decker Young
Place-7 Three Pioneer Women
Place-8 Orson Whitney’s version
Place-9   The DUP and the IGI
Place-10 More corrections
Place-11 Another Portrait of Harriet8
Place-12 A Younger Harriet
Place-13 Vilate Clarissa Decker Young
Place-14 A Portrait of Clara
Place-15 Isaac Perry Decker
Place-16 Isaac Perry Decker
Place-17 Perry’s obituary
Place-18 Parental Credits on the Monument
Place-19 …and in Pioneer Park
Place-20 Women and Children
Place-21 Brother Brigham
Place-22 Lorenzo Dow Young
Place-23 Lorenzo Dow Young
Place-24 Persis Goodall
Place-25 Orrin Porter Rockwell
Place-26 Orrin Porter Rockwell

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