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Around 1734, while in his late forties, “Corporal Joe” Munroe moved his wife and eleven children from Lexington to West Billerica (now part of Carlisle), and built this house.1 He sold it to his son Joshua in 1753, who deeded it to his son Jonas in 1775. Corporal Joe returned to Lexington in 1760, where he died in 1787, aged 100. The house was demolished in 1872.2

Westford Road in Carlisle is State Route 225, the town’s main drag. Best known these days for the marvelous ice cream purveyed at Kimball’s Farm. Here’s what’s there now.
1This drawing appears on Page 47 of the “Wilkins Notebooks,” an unpublished collection of Carlisle history in the possession of the Gleason Public Library (P.O. Box 813, Carlisle, Massachusetts 01741)
2Lapham, Carlisle: Composite Community, p. 56
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