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Around 1734, Hepzibah’s famous grandfather, our 7GGF Joseph (Corporal Joe) Munroe came to town and built his home on Westford Street. He sold it to his son, Hepzibah’s Uncle Joshua Munroe, in 1753.

Joseph apparently stayed in the area, and most likely in the house, until 1760, when he returned to his native Lexington and lived to be 100 years old in 1787.
Some sources give his final address as West Cambridge,” which would in 1807 become the formal name of present-day Arlington (former Menotomy, just east of Lexington). Not clear whether he wound up in Lexington or Menotomy: either can show up as “ West Cambridge” in the records.

Munroe Hill Road goes up the hill to the north, behind Joseph’s property. The tributary roads called Nathan Lane (no, not the very funny actor) and Aaron Way (unlabeled on the map) are presumably named for two Minute Man Munroes who lived in the immediate vicinity: Joseph’s son our 6GGF Nathan, and our uncle Aaron, Nathan’s son and Hepzibah’s younger brother.
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