2000—Patriots’ Day
This is a cute picture of Maggie and Bryan on the front porch on Patriots’ Day. It’s also the only surviving evidence of an apparently-abortive effort at antiquarian creativity, on my part.

Turns out that the large screen door between Timbaloo’s stained-glass entry-hall windows was positioned just right to catch occasional fierce Middlesex-County winds. I wearied of repairing the hinges and decided to reinforce the whole assembly in a manner reminiscent of some of the doors we’d been seeing on 17th-century houses of our ancestors and their neighbors. I’d resonated, in particular, to the story we got from a docent at Bronson Alcott’s Orchard House in Concord. When asked about superstitious reverberations surrounding what they called “Holy Lord” hinges, Bronson is supposed to have protested that, in his house, those stood for “Home” and “Love.”

Whatever spiritual or sentimental values may have accompanied my efforts and their results, my beautiful door and my beautiful raspberry patch seem to have been among the first features that Timbaloo’s fourth owner saw fit to rip out, three years later.
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