2005—Back to Boston
So for the third consecutive year (out of three in Utah), we drove our Eleanor back to Boston. Y’think maybe our heart hasn’t been entirely in this change of address?

Our principal and sufficient motivation, this time, was Mary Beth’s Harvard Commencement. She had labored mightily to earn her Bachelor’s degree from the Extension School and ranked fourth in her class, achieving the title of Class Marshal, with the privilege of adding a baton to her robes and mortar-board on the Big Day. No way we were going to miss the occasion.

Given the success of our brief visit to Freedom, last year, I was also determined to invest in serious research visitation in some of our ancestral family’s other Treasure Cities. We left Kaysville with good intentions along those lines, but without any solid preparation.
I don’t know what you believe about Divine providence and direction from the Infinite. I’ve been guided too much, under too many diverse circumstances, to retain any confidence in coincidence, especially in the context of seeking out one’s deceased family. This account, there entitled “A Ghost Story,” also appears in my Section named Sandisfield-Colebrook.
SanColWet I was aware that Sandisfield/Colebrook was an important family history site for us, and we had somewhat vague plans to go there. We had Motel 6 reservations in Hartford, so that we could stop at Rein’s matchless Delicatessen in Vernon both for dinner that night and then again for breakfast the next morning, so as to make it to Boston in time for the first Commencement festivities. (more, next page…)
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