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Russell house
Our 9GGF Benjamin Russell, born 1643 to William and Martha Russell of Cambridge, was an early settler in the part of Concord that later became Carlisle. He and his family tie us to an immense body of exciting New England history. Lapham1 locates the Russell house “…across from the Richard Brandhorst home on Russell Street… As late as 1831, what is now known as Russell Street left Concord Road and ended at the old Russell homestead.”

“As originally constructed, it was a two-story building with two rooms on each floor about twenty feet square with an entry between 8 to 10 feet in length and about as wide. A lean-to was added later and the roof was extended downward. There was a single chimney ten feet square at the base and five feet at the top. The two fireplaces were five feet high, eight feet wide and four feet deep. The timbers were twelve inches square solid oak, paneling 2x3 feet wide, bricks were used between the walls as a defense against the Indians.”

1Donald A. Lapham, Carlisle, Composite Community (Undated memoir, privately published; NEHGS copy bears author’s autograph and date of Nov. 14, 1970), p. 66.

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