2000—Visiting in Utah
During the transition between their residences in Charlotte and in Sugar House, our Ralstons stayed in Springville (“Art City”), Utah, with Ron’s Uncle Gary and Aunt Theresa Olesen, and we came to visit. I seem to have found the Utah climate warm.
Bear ChristinaOlesonSOB
Christina Olesen appears fascinated by my efforts on an early Macintosh laptop computer, as I was still learning the first rudiments of image editing. A printed copy of my “Maestoso!” rendering of one-year-old Tucker from the previous Christmas lies on the table between us.
P0003004ew Valerie took this one, a bit later on. Goin’-on-two-year-old Lindsay, in 2000, on the sidewalk in front of their place in Sugar House, registering something like “You’ve got to be kidding!” She didn’t want to get out of the car or come inside.
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