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21 Jun 1824 Charles F. Decker born 21 June 1824 Phelps, Ontario, New York. (1) *FILE*-14729; (3) p. 842
13 Mar 1826 Daughter Harriet Amelia born 13 March 1826 Phelps, Ontario, New York. (3) p. 842
22 Jul 1828 Daughter Vilate Clara [Clarissa] born 22 July 1828 Freedom, Cattaraugus, New York. (3) p. 842
24 Apr 1830 Daughter Fanny Maria born 24 April 1830 Freedom, Cattaraugus, New York. (3) p. 842
“The Deckers had migrated to the state of Ohio and had settled in New Portage, in Portage County, when they united with the Latter-day Saints.” (2) Vol 8 p. 175
Baptism-Data/Place: Portage, Wood, OH, USA. (2) Vol 2, p. 308
1833 It was here in 1833 that the Deckers joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All though [sic] I have no proof of it I think Lorenzo Dow Young may have been the missionary in the case, which may explain the tremendous friendship that lasted between these two men. The records do show that Dow was doing missionary work in New York State at that time. (23)
It was not until the winter of 1833-4 that the elders visited our town (?). When my father learned of a meeting to be held in the adjoining town, Farmerville, by an Elder Mathews, he took me with him… In a few weeks our town was visited by Elders John Murdock and Orson Pratt and others. A large branch was raised up. My father and mother were early baptized. Warren A. Cowdery was appointed president of the branch with such members as…Isaac Decker and family,they being baptized after moving to Ohio… (15) p. 2
“Subsequently they removed to Franklin, a day’s travel from Kirtland, the headquarters of the “Mormon” community.” (2) Vol 8 p. 175
[Isaac] continued to acquire and develop property, after 1833 but the vicissitudes and movement of the Church dictated his direction. I presume that the Deckers had been somewhat exposed to “Mormonism” for ten years or so having lived within a very few miles of the Hill Cumorah, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and other names and places associated with the early church. (23)
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