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Isaac-1 Isaac Decker (1799-1873)
Isaac-2 Page Index
Isaac-3 1. Isaac Decker’s Families
Isaac-4     Lucy Ann Decker Seely Young
Isaac-6     Harriet Amelia Decker Little Hanks
Isaac-7 2. Some Sloppy History
Isaac-8 3. Isaac Decker Chronology 1799-1822
Isaac-9     1824-1836
Isaac-10     1836-1837
Isaac-11     1837-1838
Isaac-12     1838-1841
Isaac-13     1841-1842
Isaac-14     1843-1845
Isaac-15     1847-1867
Isaac-16     1868-2006
Isaac-17 4. Some Bits of History of the Decker Family
Isaac-25 5. The Good Is Oft Interred…
Isaac-25     Rededication project
Isaac-27     Deseret News Article by Larry Weist
Isaac-29     Program
Isaac-33     Transcription
Isaac-37     Postscript: our resting place

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