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In this hour of extremity they found a staunch friend in Lorenzo D. Young, brother of Apostle Brigham Young, who sold his farm and with the proceeds outfitted several teams to convey himself, his family and friends to Missouri. With characteristic generosity, Brother Lorenzo gave one of the teams to Isaac Decker and otherwise helped to prepare him for the journey, which they performed in company. (23)
Latter part of 1837 “The homeless family in the latter part of 1837 moved to Kirtland. The Church was then on the eve of its exodus to Missouri.” (2) Vol 8 p. 175
“On reaching Dublin, Indiana, I found my brother Lorenzo and Isaac Decker, and a number of other families who had stopped for the winter. Meanwhile the Prophet Joseph, Brothers Sidney Rigdon and George W. Robinson came along. They had fled from Kirtland because of the mobocratic spirit prevailing in the bosoms of the apostates.” (5) p. 24
Lorenzo had bought a farm (March 1838) and Isaac rented one. They diligently set to work to build homes in this new country. But it was not to be. August 6, 1838, at the town of Gallatin, just eight miles from their farms, began in earnest the war between the mobsters and the Saints. The battle of Crooked River [Little’s Biography of Lorenzo Dow Young says (p. 56) that Lucy’s first husband William Seely was wounded there] followed October 25 and the Haun’s Mill Massacre on the 29th. The main portion of the local manpower of the Saints was chased through the snow clear up to the Des Moines River in lowa under near starvation conditions before the pursuers gave up. The “Mormons” had left their families in a desperate condition. The mob returned and proceeded to burn up everything burnable and killed their animals including their milk cows, and destroyed or stole everything else the “Mormon” might use.(23)
March 1838 Lorenzo Dow Young gave the Deckers a team and otherwise helped them move to Missouri. (2) Vol 8 p. 175
“They arrived at Far West in March, 1838, having traveled part way with the Prophet Joseph Smith, his brother Hyrum, and Lorenzo’s brother Brigham, all refugees fleeing from mob violence.” (2) Vol 8 p. 175
The Quarterly Conference convened at Far West … Elder Benjamin L. Clapp said he had just returned from Kentucky, where he had been laboring, and that many doors were open there. A call was made for volunteers to go into the vineyard and preach, when Elders James Carroll, James Galliher, Luman A. Shurtliff, James Dana, Ahaz Cook, Isaac Decker, Cornelius P. Lott and Alpheus Gifford offered themselves… (4) Vol.3 Ch. 11 p. 153-154
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