East Campus
I inhabited the East Parallel,
3 Ames Street, Cambridge.
As a freshman, in 501 Walcott. As a sophomore and junior, in 505 Walcott, the prestigious “corner office.” See the numbers?

This building and its twin, the West Parallel, were also known officially as the “Alumni Houses”. The three sections of ours were named for alumni (Walcott, Bemis, and Goodale) who, I presume, gave money to build it. We called it, very unofficially, East Compost.
The Green Earth Sciences Building, in the background, with the mushrooms on top, was built 1962-64, between my two periods of residence at MIT.
In my day, the East Parallel had a lot of ivy growing on it. Made it extra exciting to trot around the fifth-floor ledge, as we often did, with more bravado than good sense.

This period shot of the east face of the West Parallel, from between the Parallels, appeared in the 1961 Centennial issue of Technique, MIT’s yearbook.
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