2001—May: Hillsborough Center Cemetery
Buried Treasures
Misty Memorial Day morning, I picked up roses in Billerica, where Hepzibah was born, and decorated her grave. I’d been looking forward to delivering an extensive status report to Grandma, and it seemed an appropriate use of the holiday.

The Section named “Granny Hepzibah” documents all the family graves I found that day, with their relationships. They include the Munroes and their kinfolk who “removed” from Concord to settle Concord End in Hillsborough Center, during the first full year of the Revolution.
*At that time, I knew that the Vital Records showed her as born in Billerica. Since then, I’ve learned that that part of Billerica is now in the middle of Carlisle. I could have bought the flowers much closer to her birthplace, had I known.

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