1946, a moving year…
My last birthday in Utah, until the Year of Our Lord 2003. Before 1946 was over, we would move twice: first from Ogden to Sunset, in Davis County, and then to San Bernardino, California. Accordingly, this was surely the last birthday gathering that would include my buddy, David Barker. At least I think that’s he.1 That’s clearly not Brent on the left:2 he was only three months old.
This is. Brent, that is. See what I mean about the new principal locus of cuteness in our midst? And the pictures only suggest the outlines of his sweet, jolly personality.

By Christmas, 1946, we were firmly ensconced in California. Funny that it was only the next year that our cards began to rub it in about Pappy’s certainty that we were now in a better place — without even having to die…
1Valerie and I are guessing that David must have had a blonde younger sister. My memory doesn’t list one, but then at age five my awareness of girls, especially younger girls, was not discernible.
2Looks more like Erik, circa 1970, but it ain’t.
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