“Cap,” as everybody called it, served the adjacent communities of Millbrae and San Bruno, about 23 miles north of Escondido Village. Probably still does. In general, California high schools still enjoyed a reputation for quality, in those days before tax revolts and sloppy philosophies dropped the bottom out.

Previews of coming attractions, anybody?
Once Rick came on the scene at the end of September,
it suddenly got real hard to snap a photo without him in it.
As a student teacher/Stanford intern, I was assigned to teach a section of physics, one hour each school day, under the supervision of Dr. Merritt E Kimball (Stanford ’49, MA ’50, Ed.D ’65, just as we arrived).

Merritt became a good friend and a significant mentor.1 He and Capuchino were already involved in the testing and implementation of Harvard Project Physics. And so my teaching materials (shades of Uno Ingard) were mostly pre-publication drafts of that program.
1And a substantial benefactor of this record.
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