Harvard fellowship
Not much to report from this generally-successful episode. Toward the end of the term, the district offered me a job as the first physics teacher at a rather ostentatious1 new high school up on Skyline Drive. They, too, figured they would implement “HP2. It was an attractive idea, and Valerie had gotten used to the notion that she’d married a high-school teacher. But by then we’d accepted another offer, this one from Harvard’s Ed.D. program in Science Education, to come work on the new curriculum, back in Cambridge.

The Church News of Salt Lake City gave me a nice press notice. Pity they couldn’t spell Valerie’s name, but then hardly anybody does.
1Pretty much all I remember is that its classrooms were grouped around a couple of enormous swimming pools. Two levels, with wrap-around balconies on the second level from which I suppose you could dive…
Fog: Carpooled up the Bayshore Freeway (US Highway 101) each day with a fellow intern whose name I’ve forgotten; she was teaching at a neighboring school. One morning, as we inched along through the area’s signature fog, the trafficopter broadcast sounded frustrated: “Can’t see the traffic very well, but it can’t be moving very fast. Oh! There’s a big hole in the fog… I knew those people in Atherton had pull, but never imagined this…”
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