Teaching for Joe
Above, Joe Cook and his (Rialto, I think) Seminary class. At right, Joe took part in the section of some LDS literature (books, foreground) to the Valley College library. That’s Stake President Wayne Reeves, second from left; Joe was on his High Council, in charge of educational matters. In the pink sweater: our own Valerie, doubtless in her capacity as Institute Secretary. Linda Rivera stands next to her; I should remember the name of the lad behind them, but I don’t. He may have been the Lambda Delta Sigma president.
That summer, before heading back to Cambridge, I taught French and math (“new math,” sorta) at Rialto Junior High School, whose principal was our old family friend Joseph Cook. Joe (or Jay: he answers to either one) worked with Pappy and Mammy in Seminaries and Institutes for a number of years. This is the only time I ever actually used my California teaching credential. Also joined Pappy as a member of the California Teachers’s Association, my second and last union affiliation.
These days, Joe and I both serve as sealers in the Bountiful Temple. If I’m in the room he’ll announce to anybody else present that he has me over a barrel: he’ll be seeing my parents, whom he regards highly, before I do, and if I don’t behave, he’ll tell on me.
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