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MusterB Among 88 enrolled militiamen, it includes nine Wheelers, variously spelled. Also nine Hosmers, seven Hubbards, and five each of Haywoods and Prescotts (also kin of ours). Either “Capt. Wheler” or “Lieut. Wheeler” could be Oliver I, the sword-bearer, although in that case we’d expect (not too rigidly) his son to appear on the same page as Oliver, Jr. And it would remain a mystery why the father’s grave in Acton receives no Revolutionary honors.

Parenthetically, America’s only fatalities in the first battle of the Revolution were two courageous sons of Acton, Isaac Davis* and Abner Hosmer, who died in the first Redcoat volley at Concord Bridge. I don’t know for a fact that Oliver II was there, but time, place, and military rôles suggest that he’s unlikely to have been far away.
The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, xix (1865), pp. 44-45.

*Davis was likely Oliver Wheeler’s commanding officer in the town militia. A number of our Ball, Benjamin, and Prescott relatives married Hosmers of Concord, Acton, and nearby towns, but I haven’t established any direct kinship with Abner.
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