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On the usual Biblical seven-years-of-servitude schedule for “redemptioners,” 8GGF William “The Immigrant” Munroe would have been a free man, eligible to own property, by 1659.
The records indicate that he became in 1660 the proprietor of a land grant up against the Woburn line. He named his new spread “Scotland,” after his Old World home.

The dashed lines on this map represent roads or paths, not (necessarily) property boundaries. The (sorta) east-west Woburn Road, wiggly and more or less diagonal here, lay between “Scotland” and the Russell homestead, as did the old road north (leftward) to Billerica and south to “The Rocks,” (Arlington Heights), which followed very roughly the course of present Lowell Street, Laconia Street, and the Middlesex Turnpike.
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