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You know the house labeled “Muzzey 1692” as the “Buckman Tavern,” just across current Mass(achusetts) Ave(nue) from the Lexington Green. Nowadays, it’s always “Mass Ave” to the locals; then, of course, it was just the Concord Road, under which name the Redcoats would follow it in 1775. From the Green, it continues westward (down and to the left, in this view) toward Lincoln and Concord.
The Hancock parsonage, now known as the “Hancock-Clarke” house, became famous for its rôle in the Lexington-Concord Alarm. The Waltham road proceeded south and a bit west from the village, past the homesteads of our kinfolk the Bridges and the Smiths.

Worthen’s Land Grants map, next, provides some idea of the size and location of each ancestral spread.
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