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250 Acton St
250 Acton St
This is the Hughes home at 250 Acton Street, Carlisle. It isn’t our ancestral house, but it appears that the one that used to sit here was home to the first two Oliver Wheelers in our direct line. In 1747, the year of his death, our 7GGF Jonathan Wheeler deeded this land to his son Oliver Wheeler I.
250 Acton St
According to Lapham, “In 1751, Samson [Wheeler] lived near the Edwin Dunn place on Acton Street…. He had inherited the land from his grandfather, Jonathan.”1

Accounts of the events surrounding the Lexington-Concord alarm refer to the two Olivers, sometimes indistinguishably, as “Oliver Wheeler of Acton”. Their neighborhood is in Carlisle now, but it certainly appears that it was widely considered to be Acton when the Revolution started.
1Donald A. Lapham, Carlisle, Composite Community (Undated memoir, privately published; NEHGS copy bears author’s autograph and date of Nov. 14, 1970), p. 74.
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