Norton Fletcher
Willard Platt
With apologies to Barbara, my gracious hostess at the New Boston Inn in Sandisfield, but this is the only likeness of her that I possess. I stayed in Chamber 1 at the top of the stairs, and Norton and Willard were my guests for lunch in her Gentlemen’s Parlor, where they permitted me to snap these portraits, after a day of photographing priceless records of their community, with emphasis on my family, particularly in the early years.

I’ve made a start at organizing the information in these images as the “Sandisfield-Colebrook” Section of this record. I pray fervently that some diligent descendant will be moved to dig into them and expand the Section into a coherent record of our family’s life in the Berkshires. They reside among my computer files, in a folder named “Sandisfield Records 2009” at
Jobiska/Content Archive/Opera/Sandisfield-Colebrook Records 2009
I was distressed to learn in 2009 that Mrs Fletcher had recently exchanged this world for a better, since my previous visit. It’s not hard to understand Norton’s particularly solemn demeannor in this photo. In 2020, by way of postscript, I learned that he has now rejoined her.
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