At right, the moustache belongs to our dear friend John Miller. Thought the lady was his Dorothy, with their baby (Shelby, I still think, born while John and Dorothy were in the Arlington Ward). She’s a marvelous singer, and we did some memorable music things together. Yes, that’s George Perera, in the background.

But the lady’s actually Valerie, as proved by her earring, identified under magnification. She craved babies in 1981, as always and forever.

We made it a point, through our years at Timbaloo, to sign up for hospitality programs of my MIT and Harvard Alumni Associations. Under MIT’s auspices, we met mostly American freshmen, whom we endeavored to make welcome to the Cambridge community. Harvard put us together with a quite wonderful array of international students, for much the same purpose.
2754fe This ill-lit shot shows our younger daughters with a pleasant German chap, a Harvard referral, whose name I’ve long misplaced, with whom we enjoyed a chilly-weather foray to Revere Beach. I think this was the only time we got together with him: some of these connections turned into something lasting between us, but most didn’t. Which was OK: the idea was mainly to soften the transition for the newcomers. From our side, we aimed mostly to broaden our kids’ experience of different sorts of people, from various places.
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