1997—The One True Ward
Photo reproduced by permission of Ron Catalano
On June 13, Elder Richard G Scott of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, a high official in our Church, came to this spot and broke ground for the new Boston Temple. For reasons the presiding Brethren understood better than we, only a small crowd was invited to take part; in general, we locals were not included.

Soon thereafter, it was announced in the Arlington Ward’s Sunday morning worship service that Sunday School, for that day, was being adjourned to the Temple site. We followed a bagpipe up the hill, where Ron Catalano took this picture. I’m visible: gray, bearded and bespectacled, in the next-to-top row, about a third of the way in from the left. Valerie’s next to me, where she assuredly belongs—but rather badly obscured, alas.

Eight years later, on the occasion of the Ward’s twentieth anniversary, we were to re-enact this happy scene in front of the completed Temple.
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